– Inspired by the natural texture and color of unfinished wood, this fountain appeals to any farmhouse style home and instantly adds the serenity of nature
– Easy, plug-in design runs the unit on electricity for simple functionality
– Ultra-strong faux wood resists the effects of weather exposure, meaning sun nor rain will wear it down
– LED lighting allows the fountain to be enjoyed during the night
– Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

-Length: 41.7″

-Height: 81.1″

-Width: 32.7″



With its rugged appearance featuring rough edges and a natural-looking path for the water to run down, this beautiful fountain takes its cues directly from natural waterfalls found in the wild and gives you a miniaturized version to enjoy at home. Made to look like wood with its texture and brown color, the water feature is ideal for placement in homes with a farmhouse or rustic-design scheme, regardless of whether you want to place it indoors or outdoors. The water takes its time trickling down five different tiers, giving off the appearance and aural details of a babbling brook. The weather-resistant polyresin composition ensures that no amount of exposure to sun or rain will be enough to wear it down. Because of its electric-powered design and included pump, all you have to do to begin enjoying the serenity this fountain offers is plug it in.

Additional information

Weight279.99 lbs
Dimensions47.8 × 38.4 × 86.4 in