– A gorgeous, modern-tiered waterfall for any trendy, contemporary home
– Easy to use, plug and play design includes a pump with an adjustable flow rate that makes it simple to use
– Because it runs on electricity, changing a battery or charging it in proper sunlight will never be an issue
– Soft LED lighting lets you enjoy the waterfall both day and night
– Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors due to its weather resistance

-Length: 17.3″

-Height: 27.5″

-Width: 15″


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You don’t have to sacrifice your modern home and garden decor to get the beautiful, serene appeal of a fountain when you bring home this layered fountain. The water feature is tall, boxy and angular with three piers of various heights and sizes, all crafted into a rectangular shape and neutral gray hue that gives the fountain a contemporary design. From the very top tier, water is gently ushered out, so that it cascades down into the lower tiers, making gentle splashing and trickling sounds that offer a tranquil effect to any indoor or outdoor space where you place it. Because of the strong polyresin body that is also weather resistant, you won’t have to worry about it fading in the sun. With an LED bulb, you can keep the fountain running and visible day and night, and the electric power lets you simply plug it in to start it running.

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Weight30.86 lbs
Dimensions20.3 × 18.3 × 30.9 in