– Carefully tipped stone-like bowls make up the shape of this serene fountain, providing a unique path for the water to trickle through
– A contemporary gray hue gives it an all-natural stone look that suits any garden, patio or home interior
– Weather-resistant polyresin ensures the fountain won’t be damaged by the weather, no matter how sunny or frigid
– LED bulb gives off a soft, soothing glow when you want to enjoy it at night
– Included pump makes functionality smooth and easy

-Length: 18.5″

-Height: 31.5″

-Width: 17″


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With a unique asymmetrical, tipped design and natural gray stone color, this fountain takes the randomized beauty of nature and puts it in your garden or home to create a serene, eye-catching piece of home decor. It features four different tiers, with the smallest one being at the top and the larger one at the bottom with gradually increasing sizes in between. The fountain is resistant to the effects of sun, rain and snow, thanks to its ultra-strong polyresin body that never weathers or fades, making it just as well suited for outdoor use as it is for use inside of the home. Take advantage of the gentle LED lighting that will keep the fountain lit well into the night. This soothing, cascading fountain comes with the pump and runs on electricity, so that all you have to do to enjoy it is plug it in.

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Weight27.56 lbs
Dimensions21.5 × 20 × 34.8 in