– A gentle slope and a natural wood look make this fountain a more discreet, yet appealing addition to the home or garden
– Made from polyresin, it will never take on weather damage from the rain or the sun
– Its faux wood appearance gives it a natural look of authenticity
– LED bulbs light up each of the four different layers to make it visible at night
– It is safe for use indoors or outdoors

-Length: 80″

-Height: 34.4″

-Width: 28.3″


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Unlike most fountains, this one-of-a-kind water feature offers a gentle horizontal design with a subtle gradient, making it a less obvious and more individualistic addition to your home or garden. The fountain has four tiers that are separated into LED-lighted pools, so that you can easily see the water as it flows down the slight slope. Surrounding the little pools and creating the body of the fountain is polyresin that has a natural faux wood finish in an effort to make it look healthier and more natural. It runs on electricity and comes with the pump that you need, making it as easy as plugging it in to use. Because of its weather-resistant polyresin makeup, you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged in the sun. When it comes time, cleaning this indoor and outdoor fountain is as simple as wiping it down.

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Weight134.48 lbs
Dimensions32 × 41 × 53 in