A gentle flow of water cascades down a gray cliff and into a peaceful black bowl in this fountain

          The contemporary black and gray color allows it to fit into any decor style in the home without clashing

          This electric powered fountain needs no batteries to run

          Made out of high quality polyresin material, the fountain won’t easily take on signs wear and tear

          LED lights allow you to run the fountain day or night with plenty of visibility

-Length: 14.2″

-Height: 32.3″

-Width: 15.8″



Like a peaceful rock wall trickling with a gentle flow of water in your favorite garden, this beautiful fountain brings you all of the peace and zen of an outdoor water feature in a miniaturized form that fits well into any indoor space. The fountain features a modern, sleek back wall rising up high over the textured stone-inspired gray ledge in front of it, presenting a space where water spills down from the black top to crash and cascade down. From the ledge, water flows into the matching black bowl situated at the base where it ends its journey. The fountain is built to last out of high quality polyresin, which won’t wear down from exposure to water. An LED light is situated on the gray ledge and in the bowl, giving each point of water contact a soft and beautiful glow.