Gorgeous modern details blend with the soothing power of a gentle stream of water in this contemporary fountain

          Because of the blend of gray and black hues, it works well both in homes and in gardens of any style or aesthetic

          Features a glowing LED bulb that lights up the fountain so you can enjoy it day and night without fail

          Manufactured out of durable, damage-resistant polyresin to ensure a long lasting life whether it is used indoors or outdoors

-Length: 13.8″

-Height: 32″

-Width: 12.2″



Making a space serene and stylish can be done with something as simple as incorporating this lovely fountain into your home or office. The fountain takes modern design cues in the way of its textured light gray stone-style rectangular backdrop that surrounds the black tile in the middle from where the flow of water emanates. The water gently pours from the fountain down into the deep, square-shaped base with a black exterior that matches that of the mouth of the fountain, creating a trickling effect that is sure to soothe the atmosphere of any room. From top to bottom, the fountain is crafted out of high quality materials to ensure a long lasting life with polyresin that doesn’t succumb to water damage and is virtually unbreakable. The LED lights positioned in the deep bowl at the bottom offer the fountain a calming, subtle glow.