–        Captivating modern fountain provides a calming and tranquil water feature both for indoor and outdoor use

          Fashioned out of top quality polyresin, the fountain is built to outlast many seasons of use without showing signs of wear

          Light gray and black color composition makes it simple for you to incorporate into any style of space, regardless of the aesthetic

          Due to the LED bulbs in the fountain, it can easily be viewed both day and night

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 27.9″

-Width: 13.4″



An elegant, contemporary design works in harmonic tandem with the timeless appeal of a classic fountain in this water fountain whose silhouette is composed of crisp lines and clean angles. The fountain begins with a dark, stony backdrop atop which a light gray cement-colored block is present. From the center of the square block cascades a flow of water that runs right down into the matching rectangular gray pool waiting beneath without its path being obstructed by any other tiers. From top to bottom and corner to corner, the fountain is crafted using top quality polyresin, a durable material that won’t easily break or even show signs of wear. This also makes it well-suited for use outdoors. Situated at the bottom of the pool is an LED light that provides the fountain a soft glow from the ground up, letting you watch the fountain in motion both day and night.