Beautiful pedestal style fountain brings together contemporary style with the classic appeal of a traditional fountain

          A neutral blend of gray and black affords the fountain plenty of versatility in that it can be placed into spaces of any style without detracting from its appearance

          Glowing LED bulbs provide dazzling views both day and night, letting it be enjoyed anytime, anywhere

          Built to last out of the highest quality polyresin material that is resistant to breaking

-Length: 16.5″

-Height: 39.77″

-Width: 16.5″



Blending the beauty of modern sculpture art and the classic appeal of a trickling fountain, this fountain combines elegance with serenity for a decorative item you can’t say no to. The fountain is largely gray in color with a pedestal style rising out from its square-shaped base. Drizzling from the gap in the center of the sculpture is a trickle of water that runs over the black post positioned there, giving it a rainy effect. The fountain is made to be enjoyed anytime of the day, thanks to the inclusion of LED bulbs that allow for the water to be illuminated as it falls both day and night. Because of the high quality polyresin construction, you can be sure that it will outlast many years of use, while also being suitable for turning on both outside in your garden or on your patio and inside your home.