Tranquil triple-tier design provides a relaxing and enjoyable fountain-watching experience

          Sophisticated black hue provides plenty of color neutrality in order to be an easy fit into spaces of any aesthetic

          High quality, premium polyresin construction ensures the fountain that will outlast plenty of years of use

          Beautiful LED lights positioned in the fountain give each point of contact a gentle, golden glow to enhance the overall appearance of this calming and traditional water fountain

-Length: 20.5″

-Height: 31.5″

-Width: 14.2″



Three bowls positioned at asymmetrical offset angles to one another allow the water flowing through this fountain to make its careful journey with gentle pauses in the pools between each tier. The trajectory of the water gives the fountain unique meditative properties that will make any space it is placed feel zen. The water in this triple-tiered fountain finishes its journey in the larger pool at the bottom before returning to do it again. It is gently lit with LED bulbs that afford clear visibility no matter the time of day or night, making it a fountain that can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. From top to bottom, the fountain is carefully constructed out of premium polyresin material to provide it with remarkable strength and durability, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Because of its strength, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.