–         Stunning water fountain takes inspiration from the natural flow of water seen in streams, rivers and creeks as it travels over smooth gray river rocks

          Neutral gray hue works well in any indoor or outdoor setting regardless of the decor

          From top to bottom, it is manufactured using only the highest quality of premium resin to ensure a fountain that will outlast the seasons to come

          LED bulbs light the water’s path at each of the tiers

-Length: 20.5″

-Height: 31.5″

-Width: 14.2″



Water trickling and flowing through natural landscapes such as rivers and streams has always been a tranquil point of interest for outdoors lovers, and with this fountain, you can bring home the aesthetic of watery streams and rivers loaded with smooth gray rocks. The fountain features four tiers of bowls, the entirety of which is finished in a light gray hue that is reminiscent of the appearance of river stones, affording it an all-natural look. At each of the tiers is a small bowl from which the water flows down into the final bowl that is a much larger pool. Each one of the bowls features an LED light that illuminates each point of contact that the water makes in the fountain. From top to bottom, the water feature is made out of high quality polyresin that won’t easily succumb to damage, making it ideal for installation outdoors and indoors alike.