The meditative triptych wall art comes in a set of three panels, where each panel is topped with a UV print on quality acrylic paper.
To secure the design in place there is a second surface coating, that lays on beautifully on the first one.
Enhancing the quality so you can quickly secure the wall art using 12 silver standoffs included in the package.
This way your viewers can be stunned by the stunning 47.2×31.5” panels beauty sooner rather than later.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 47.2″

-Width: 1″


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Create a sense of calmness with a subtle yet charming acrylic triptych wall art. The meditative triptych wall art is a stunning photo that is split within three crystal clear panels. These panels can easily be hung on any wall, creating a clean and modern appearance. With full-color triptych wall art canvases, you get a stunning printed wall art poster on quality canvases. Topped with a second surface print, protecting the image while adding brightness and vibrancy that can easily last. Its frame-less panels offer you the opportunity to add the wall art canvases on any room, regardless of its current decor. As the wall art is designed to blend into any space you wish to add it to, without having to change the frame or any setting of your room. The photo showcases stones set on soft sand, creating a ripple impact that breaks the barriers.

Additional information

Weight30.71 lbs
Dimensions50 × 34 × 4.8 in