-The Manhattan triptych wall art is a spectacular piece of art that is set on three clear acrylic panels.
-These panels come with a single UV print layer, that is later topped with a second surface coating.
-Measuring about 31.5 x 31.5” (HxL) in size, each panel weighs about 8.5lbs.
-Making it easy for you to secure them in place using the 12 silver standoffs included in the package.
-A stunning work of art that will fit on any wall you wish to dazzle.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 31.5″

-Width: 1″



Expand your horizons with a complete Manhattan view, this striking Manhattan triptych wall art features the stunning island, and all it’s gorgeous building lined perfectly. A metropolitan city like no other, the Manhattan wall art is divided into three panels that can be hung using silver standoff. This helps maintain it’s natural appearance while ensuring a modern finish. Moreover, the wall art is painted of premium grade materials using lasting ink. Paired with a second surface printing that ensures the protection of the photograph, while adding clarity and brightness to the mix. Its frame-less panels are the real thing of beauty, as they allow you to set the piece in any space without clashing with the setting or decor. The professional photograph features one of the busiest and impressive metropolitan cities in the world while offering you a touch of its surroundings. An island like no other Manhattan offers the charm that widens your horizons while inspiring you to achieve more.

Additional information

Weight21.23 lbs
Dimensions34 × 34 × 4.8 in