-The dock triptych wall art is printed on three clear acrylic sheets using UV printing grade ink.
-The three-panel design comes with a second surface application, that secures the print in place while enhancing its appearance.
-Included are 12 silver standoffs that can be used to safely secure the wall art in place.
-Furthermore, the panel weighs approximately 8.5lbs and measures 31.5 in height and 31.5 in length.
-We suggest you measure the space before setting your heart on the spot.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 31.5″

-Width: 1″


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The serene dock triptych wall art can help transform your main room, by adding a warm and welcoming sense. A natural beauty inspired photo that is split into three panels that can be hung using solver standoffs ensuring a modern appearance. With its full-color print is set on a premium grade paper. Layered with a second surface printing that helps protect the setting of the photograph, while offering you added brightness and clarity than before. Set in a frame-less panel design, the dock triptych wall art comes as a three-piece set that you can set in any room without clashing with the current decor. Additionally, the professional photo features the docks at sunset, as the birds fly home after a long day at the sea. This triptych wall art posses the ability to compliment your current decor while adding the perfect completing touches to the space.

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Dimensions34 × 34 × 4.8 in