-The oceanic sunset triptych is a one of a kind wall art that offers you UV printed on acrylic paper.
-Followed by a second surface coating the art sets into place perfectly, holding tightly to its integrity.
-To hold the 8.5lbs panels in place, we are offering you 12 silver standoffs that maintain the sleek and clean design of the wall art, while offering you the chance to show off each 47.2×31.5” (HxL) panel beautifully.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 47.2″

-Width: 1″



Transform your waiting space with a gorgeous oceanic sunset triptych wall art by showcasing a gorgeous view that offers endless beauty. This beach sunset photo is divided into three stunningly printed panels that you can easily hang while holding onto a modern appearance. Each of our oceanic sunset triptych wall art is creating using premium grade materials. In addition, each panel comes with a second surface print. This way the photo sets in place perfectly for years to come, while maintaining vibrant and clarity like no other wall art. With three frame-less panels, you do not have to worry about clashing with the current decor. As you enjoy a stunning beach sunset with fresh ocean water and the promise of another sunrise. This triptych wall art holds the ability to naturally blend with your current theme without creating a single overlapping issue. While it’s simple charm fills your white walls with an attractive and calming photo.

Additional information

Weight30.71 lbs
Dimensions50 × 34 × 4.8 in