-The waterfall triptych wall art features a stunning UV print set on quality acrylic paper.
-Once the first layer is dry, we add a second surface coating that boosts its clarity and vibrancy.
-Offering you a stunning piece of art that you can secure on the wall using the 12 silver standoffs the wall art comes with.
-This helps ensure that each 47.2×31.5” (HxL) panel, weighting about 8.5lbs is secure on the wall perfectly for viewers to enjoy.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 47.2″

-Width: 1″



Dive deep into the waters with a refreshing and calming waterfall triptych wall art. This wall art features the edge of a waterfall that is surrounded by a mystical fog. Divided into three different panels that come together beautifully when set in place, the modern triptych wall art panels will look stunning in your room. These triptych wall art canvases are created using premium-grade materials. Moreover, the have a second surface printing that ensures the protection of the image while adding vibrancy and brightness to its overall appearance. These frameless canvases offer three pieces that create the perfect set, which can easily be hung in any room without clashing with the current decor. Moreover, the professional photo captures a stunning waterfall scenery that is surrounded by mist. The waterfall triptych wall art holds the ability to match the theme of any room while adding a vibrant addition that brings the entire space together beautifully.

Additional information

Weight30.71 lbs
Dimensions50 × 34 × 4.8 in