-The forest in autumn triptych wall art features a three-panel design that is UV printed on clear acrylic paper.
-As the print is set using industrial ink it ensures that every single dot on the paper is perfectly in place, as you can enjoy complete perks of our second surface application.
-Including 12 silver standoffs, so you can secure this 8.5lbs panel on any wall of your choice.
-Furthermore, each panel measures 47.2 in height and 31.5 in length.
-We suggest you measure the space you wish to add the piece to, making sure it’s not too big for the space.

-Length: 31.5″

-Height: 47.2″

-Width: 1″



Add a calming and spiritual sense to your office or home with the bold and beautiful forest in autumn triptych wall art. This nature-inspired photo is divided into three canvases that can be aligned with an inch gap to maintain it’s modern appearance. Every single triptych wall art panel is carefully crafted using quality ink and paper, that is topped with a second surface printing. The second layer helps ensure that the wall art lasts for years to come while maintaining it’s vibrant and alluring appearance. These three printed panels come without a frame, offering you complete control over their appearance. This way you can add them to a fully decorated room without worrying about clashing with the space. Moreover, the wall art features a forest in autumn, showing off shedding leaves, ready to embrace the winter season with open arms. While setting a familiar and inviting tone in any room.

Additional information

Weight30.71 lbs
Dimensions31.5 × 1 × 47.2 in